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Biz Net Technologies
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Reliable Connectivity

Colocation services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own web server.
Get your servers out of the big city.

Colocation is the cost-effective way to gain high-speed, reliable Internet connectivity for your business, hobby, or fulfillment of your disaster recovery plan. Biz Net provides colocation services at a fraction of the cost of maintaining your own web server in-house. Locate your server on our redundant network in our modern colocation facilities.

Biz Net operates a partnership with two data centers located in the secured premises of the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center in Blacksburg Virginia and in Richmond, VA. We have space available for towers and rackmount servers from 1U to partial and full racks. 10' x 10' secured cages are available in our Brush Mountain Data Center.

You can manage your server remotely or we can manage your servers under a maintenance and security monitoring retainer agreement. We have highly skilled system administrators available to for both Windows and UNIX system administration.

Our Blacksburg location is perfect for a data center. We are at just over 2,000 feet elevation, with low population density, in a low-crime area. Risk of damage to our corporate office buildings by natural or man-made disaster is very low. Our customer data is backed up offsite to our second Data Center in Richmond, VA.

Maybe it's time to get your servers out of the big city?

Benefits of colocating with us:
  • All servers protected by UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)
  • Backup power (auto-failover) provided by our new 175 kilowatt Cummins diesel generator
  • Our multiple and redundant high-speed carrier-grade network
  • connections eliminate downtime and provide exceptionally fast data transfer
  • Data center HVAC is climate controlled and monitored via computers, with ample cooling units in our custom-built facilities
  • 1U rackmount, partial rack, full rack, and 10'x10' cage space available
  • Data backup services available
  • Server monitoring and maintenance retainers available
  • DNS services and IP addresses provided at no extra charge
  • Secure premises protected by building and interior locks, thumbprint technologies, and monitored by campus police 24-7, access to machines by appointment only