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A proven track record with financial institutions of providing effective response to phishing based on a customized menu of services.
Safeguard Your Business

Fraudulent communications purporting to be from your organization are commonly used to lure the unsuspecting. Small to medium-sized enteprises can hardly afford to ignore phishing, even if it takes place outside their traditional security strategies. The hard costs of fraudulent account access are high and growing.

Time is of an essence when a criminal steals your brand and reputation to defraud people on the Internet. The damage increases the longer a phishing site exists.

When a phishing site is discovered, putting it out of action means getting the owner, or the ISP hosting the site, to take it off-line. You can count on us to act quickly to shut down phishing sites and to reduce your customers' exposure.

Phishing Response Services
  • Deactivation of Fraudulent Web Sites - 24x7 Response
  • Monitoring of Spam E-mail and "Abuse" Mailboxes
  • Relevant Mail Management
  • Surveillance of Phishing Activities on the World Wide Web
  • Preparation of Monitored Web Sites
  • Phishing Response Support by Phone and E-mail
  • Incident and Forensic Analysis
  • Customer Response Services