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Biz Net Technologies
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Everything you need to sell physical and digital goods over the Internet. Our system is designed using modular, solid buidling blocks and allows full customization.
Solid E-Commerce Solutions

We were founded as a web application development firm offering specialized digital commerce tools. We continue the trend today and have developed a wide variety of e-commerce tools for your business's specific needs. Whether you operate a small shop or a large retail operation, we have the resources to increase your sales.

We also specialize in fully custom e-commerce system application development. We can tie your e-commerce system into pre-existing database systems or incorporate new dynamic functionality into your site. Your imagination is the limit and we are always ready to assist entrepreneurs to create innovative and successful commerce sites. For lower volume sales or donations, customers may find our WebResponse forms or our Secure Forms Processing System meets their needs. Both are secure online database submission management tools which can be used to collect a variety of sensitive information including online orders and donations.

E-Commerce Implementation
  • Seamless site integration and dynamic catalog navigation
  • Simple order administration and online order fulfillment
  • Flexible product options
  • Flexible shipping options for shipment types, product dimensions, and product weights
  • Geotrust secure 128 bit encryption SSL certificate included
  • Automated credit card processing
  • Web-Based Catalog Administration
  • Web-Based Order Administration
  • Web-Based Customer and Account Administration
  • E-Commerce Logs
  • E-commerce Application Reporting

We continue to add features to this system and typically all customers using this system will benefit from each new feature.